We Are Professional Movers And Packers- Relocation serivce provider in
Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and other Emirates





Professional Movers and Packers gets most of there projects from their furniture contractors, companies, property advisor, real estate owners as they know how the entire villa / society furnishing can be fulfilled with great ease.


We have a wide range of  experience of installing all kinds of branded/ unbranded furnitures whether it  is Malaysian, American, Korean or many more.

Professional Movers and Packers understand the requirements from the manufacturers / owners and handle the complete transportation from their store / warehouse both locally and internationally.

We also provide facilities to store goods in our warehouse if the manufacturers ask us to store some of their goods unless there entire specially designed furnisher stocks are shipped completely from outside the UAE.

Special design furnitures are imported for hotel apartment, society, compounds - which follows the same pattern through out their chain of businessess.

From our full-service white-glove treatment, including unloading the container, distribution and installation we are the premiere furniture moving and installation company in the U.A.E.

Our crew is fully trained and experienced in proper handling and disassembling/reassembling of such sensitive items, and will take good care of them until they are properly stationed at your new destination using their pack and move services.

We also take care of rearrangement of the furniture using our sub-interior designers support for arranging sofas. carpet, curtains, cupboards as per the societies / hotel apartment / Vlias standards.

Professional Movers And Packers also provide outdoor & garden furnishing services, are must-haves particularly in this region, thanks to the bright all-year-round sunshine that we enjoy in this region, whether it’s our balcony furniture or garden furniture you pick for your patio, porch or deck, enjoy the serenity of your backyard in total comfort.

Whether you have an apartment balcony or a neat little garden square for your villa, having access to some outdoor space is the perfect opportunity to furnish it with outdoor furniture.


Sunshades, Canopies & Sails, Gazebos and Arabian-style ‘majlis’ will make sure your outdoor space is ready for entertainment during the warmer days.

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Moving all by yourself is a very risky idea when you have a day job, a family to take care of and other commitments that consume your routine like the wood is eaten by termite (that’s a little dramatic). Before you take a final decision with respect to your move, we recommend you to give it a second thought and see what benefits you get with packing and moving services in Dubai.

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Moving often and changing addresses often is not easy when you’re living in one of the busiest places in the world – Dubai. But…you have to vacate the apartment on due date and before that, there’s a huge list of undone things in front of you. The move date is only a week away and you haven’t started to pack your stuff so we thought to help you sort things out with our experience as one of the leading Moving and Packing Companies in Dubai. Use this post as your moving checklist when your move date is due next week and make the packing easy and strategic.

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Every home will have issues from time to time. In fact, many homes suffer from a history of recurring repair works. Some of these problems can be embarrassing when there are friends and family around.

By Hafiz

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